Upload Quota and Total Storage Limits

Upload Quota and Total Storage Limits

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Motvio Starter, Advanced, Premium, and Elite members have an upload quota, which is a cap on the amount of video that can be uploaded to their accounts.

Upload Limits are as follows:

  • Starter: 100 GB and can upload 1000 Videos.
  • Advanced: 300 GB and can upload Unlimited Videos.
  • Premium: 1000 GB with Unlimited Videos upload.
  • Elite: 2000 GB with Unlimited Videos upload

Running out of total storage

If you reach the end of your total storage cap and still have videos to upload, you can purchase extra storage and pay on a monthly basis. Our monthly extra storage plan starts at $10/month in which you will get an extra 50GB. If you want more, on every spend of $10 you will get 50 GB more.

Upload Quota and Total Storage Limits
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