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The Motvio mobile site enables you to enjoy Motvio on — you guessed it — your mobile devices. If our mobile site supports your device, you’ll automatically be taken there when you use your device to go to If you’re more app-savvy, you can download the Motvio app for your device.

Features available on the mobile site

You can like videos, comment on videos, and follow other members, just like on the desktop site. You can also play from your Watch Later list, edit video Settings, and share videos via email and social networks.

For anything else (Groups, Channels, Portfolios, Team members, etc.), you’ll need to visit the desktop version of Motvio.

Accessing the desktop site on mobile

While logged in on the mobile site, tap the Motvio logo in the top left corner, then tap the gear icon in the top right corner, and then select “Desktop Site.”

Motvio On Demand pages is responsive, which means we’ll move elements on the page around so everything looks its best no matter what device you’re viewing on.

To switch back to the mobile site, scroll to the bottom of any page, and tap on “Mobile Version.” Some pages, like Groups and Motvio PRO Portfolios, don’t have mobile versions, FYI!

Making your videos mobile compatible

Videos uploaded to Motvio will be automatically be prepared for mobile playback. During our conversion process, we’ll generate several different versions of your video ranging from SD 240p all the way up to 8K HD (the largest resolution depends on your original file).

Both our mobile and desktop player will automatically choose an appropriate resolution throughout playback based on your current Internet speeds and screen size.

Motvio mobile site
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