Discovering videos on Motvio

Discovering videos on Motvio

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There are lots of ways to discover great videos on Motvio!

Explore channels to find videos curated around certain themes that might interest you. If you find channels that look cool, follow them! Videos from that channel will show up in your feed whenever they’re updated.

Groups are also a great place to unearth interesting videos. A group is a mini-community within Motvio that allows people to interact and share with one another. There are TONS of groups here, and we encourage you to join groups to meet new people and discover what videos people are creating for that group. Joining a group also means any video added to that group will show up in your feed so you can always see what gets added.

When you find a video that speaks to you, check out the other work uploaded by that member. If you see that they upload lots of videos you like, go ahead and follow them! Following someone automatically populates your feed with that member’s uploads, along with videos that they’ve been liking.

The best way to have your video show up in search is to tag it appropriately in your video’s settings. If it still doesn’t show up, try adding more information in your description.

Discovering videos on Motvio
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