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You can leave a comment on any video that has commenting enabled. You can enable, or disable, commenting on your own videos on the Privacy section of your video settings.

If you made a typo, you can delete your comment by hovering over the comment and clicking “Delete.” You can also remove someone else’s comment on your own video.

You can reply to a comment (or another reply) by clicking “Reply” in the lower right corner of the comment.

HTML won’t work in a comment, but you can share links. You can also use timestamps to send a viewer right to a specific section of your video. For example, writing “2:32” in the description will send a viewer to the two-minute, 32-second mark after the video loads. Please note: timestamps do not work for comments on Motvio On Demand videos.

The general rule for commenting is simple: be cool and play nice. You are free to disagree and/or provide critical feedback in the comments section of Motvio, but please keep it respectful. Also, don’t spam, and please be a person (not a robot). Check out our Community Guidelines for more info.

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